This time, I’m trying out mediagoblin! Enjoy the scenery! Link to the photographs: click here

Last time, I visited a hill. I did not climb it, only “checked it out” so to speak. But last Sunday, I climbed it.

I could click only 1 photo while climbing up and could not click any photos while climbing down. That’s because there is no track. One has to make way through cacti, other thorny plants, dead plants, rocks and dust. There is no other way.

As shown in the previous post, the hill is quite flat on top. Hence, I could take rest and some photos there.

I started climbing at 0908 and managed to reach the top in about 90min. After resting, drinking water, having some snacks, taking photos, the climb downward took about 60min. I reached ground level at 1225. The Sun was hot, and wind was occasional. I enjoyed it a lot and I plan to visit it again for some sunrise, sunset and astrophotography.

The photos (linked above) may feel “boring” to a photographer’s eye. That is because the focus of all of my compositions was to show and highlight the raw, dry, hot, rough, dusty nature of the place. The photos try to show what my eyes saw, and my body felt (approximately) on the journey.