"A well-written program is its own Heaven; a poorly-written program is its own Hell." Let me show you my Heaven...

Who I am:

I’m Dhavan Vaidya - a Web Engineer by profession.

I write code, making ideas become reality and problems disappear in the mists - while looking for one problem that would catch my attention for a lifetime.


I am currently working at Oviyum (Hyderabad, India). It’s one hell of an amazing place.


I graduated with Bioinformatics from NVPAS. I did post-graduation from KSKVKU with Information Technology. I like to learn on my own. I gather and consume relevant knowledge about Computing Science and Biotechnology from places such as Coursera, edX etc.


I have been passionate about Biotechnology since long. When I took bioinformatics, I found the field of programming to be fascinating. I felt intrigued, moved deeply. And decided to learn Computing Science. Although the migration from Biology to Computing Science has not been easy, it certainly has been a hell of a ride. Since then, I am on this exciting journey of Mathematics, Biology and Machines. I hope it never ends! I’m also passionate about reading novels. The Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson just became my new favorite. I swim whenever and wherever I can.

What I write about:

I write about connection - and possibilities of connection - between Biotechnology and Computing Science & Engineering; things I learn during my work - mostly technical; fun things with computers and philosophical tidbits I happen to think of. I’m at the edge of being hyper-analytical and I take pride in it.


So I see you’re interested in knowing me more! Well, thank you for that. I am broadly and deeply technical. I prefer, encourage and demand proofs. I do not accept statements without proofs. Given that, I respect your beliefs. It is nice to keep them around.

Sometimes, I get shifts in how I feel. That makes me think harder and sharper and simpler.

Like I said, I enjoy reading. I prefer reading slowly so that I can enjoy the scenery and live within it. When I read, I live there. And when the book ends, it feels like that world has ended with it. Now as I was living there, I die with the end of the book. Who would want to be dead?! Hence I take it slow.

I do side projects too. They vary over a wide range such as learning Discrete Mathematics, game programming, algorithms, web apps etc. You might wonder where did game programming came from? That is because I like it. I have never made any playable games ever. But I want to. I generally end up learning some things that I can use in a project and switch to using it. That is the case only with game programming. I do not like to keep other projects unfinished. I push everything to keep the task going. Commitment matters.

Enough about me for one page now. Let us get in touch! I would like to know you, who you are, what you’re doing and we can learn together! May be if things go smooth, we might actually get to know each other. That would be fantastic. You can find me on Twitter and send me email on quark(at)codingquark[dot]com or on dhavan[dot]vaidya6(at)gmail[dot]com.

Thank you so much for taking the time and reading!