The hill is of interest because it is long, tall and almost flat. Visible from afar - at least from Bhuj, which is ~20km away by road (not straight line).

These are high-resolution images. Feel free to download and zoom. You might find interesting things, such as my car, some animals etc.

Pics are taken by OnePlus 5T. I have tried Google Cam mod (check XDA forums if interested), which has some quirks (such as the dots that you’ll be able to see if you zoom enough). Pardon that. Real world, of course, doesn’t have such dots.

The hill:

Local flora and fauna:

Cacti (થોર), up close:

The side faced by the hill:

Nest of Weaver-bird (સુઘરી):

More nests inside a dead well:

Well and the hill: