The following is excerpt of chat we had in our Slack channel where I work. Enjoy!

codingquark [16:43]
Why do I have to suffer the wrath of not having a router?

kiki [16:44]
C’est la vie

codingquark [16:52]
I was shown the dreams
Of industrial switches
I am given things
Of industrial pains

kiki [16:52]
you will appreciate the past! pain is all about learning!

codingquark [16:55]
The wrenching heart
The befalling pain

You take consolation
In learning
In memories
In coming through

Heart is a Desert of Thorns
And the Thorns do not console.

kiki [16:57]
Be it a thorn or an axe
The heart is like a tree
The axe forgets
But the tree remembers
The scars and the times

codingquark [16:58]
The visions of a switch sending packets
The visions of blinking lights
The visions of streams of data

Oh how I had wished to bathe in the signals of wireless fidelity

bhk [17:00]
(Redacted for privacy)

codingquark [17:01]

vin [17:02]

kiki [17:02]
Wishing for wireless fidelity and lightning speeds,
you forgot the paths taken to reach here;
you forgot the roots.
Paths filled with the shrills and cries of modems.

codingquark [17:11]
It takes a beast to enable communications!
The green fiery eyes of the beast must be kept blinking
The true eye must be kept from becoming red

Many horns of the beast are the key to long range
Many cores of the beast’s brain are the key to support many users
The beast must be kept calm and cool, venting heatThe beast has a mood

When in a bad mood, it disrupts all moods
And the world goes silent. (edited)