A man

Grown up yet young

Jolly yet depressed

Simple yet complex

Liquid yet broken

Wears many visages

His interests many yet a visage

His speech fluent yet a visage

His thoughts creative yet a visage

His personality integral yet a visage

Each morning

Visages are worn

One by one

Each visage… modifying the core

Each visage… a different being

Each visage… an imprint on soul

Each visage… a burden

Every feeling

Of a beautiful cloud, a visage?

Of a discovery, a visage?

Of calmness, a visage?

Of pain, a visage?

When feelings are shared with him

A visage takes over

The expressive

Misunderstood the wit for self

Misunderstood the rigidity for self

Misunderstood the visage for self

Misunderstood self for self

He lives on

Making more visages

Each time misunderstood

Each time shattered

Each time grateful

Each time less the self.