If you have multiple computers and you subscribe to RSS feeds - which you probably do, it would be great if you could read the feeds from all your computers and have the feeds’ read state synchronized.

Tiny Tiny RSS runs on a server, aggregates your feeds, shows them with a web interface and exposes API for clients - such as elfeed - to consume.

To talk to ttrss, elfeed needs to know the APIs where comes elfeed-protocol to rescue. elfeed-protocol will authenticate with your ttrss server, fetch feeds and displays in elfeed like they were native feeds added to elfeed.

The setup is short:

  1. Install elfeed, elfeed-protocol (from melpa, or clone it)
  2. Setup ttrss on your server
  3. Configure elfeed-protocol to authenticate and fetch from ttrss
(setq elfeed-use-curl nil)
(setq elfeed-protocol-ttrss-maxsize 200) ;; bigger than 200 is invalid

(setq elfeed-feeds
         :password "")

I need to (setq elfeed-use-curl nil) because Freedombox requires me to sign in first before I can access the URL. This way, elfeed first asks me for my Freedombox creds, then uses :password to authenticate with ttrss.

Here is my elfeed config on github: link.