I enjoy writing. I write notes, code, documentation, emails. Experience has shown that writing helps clarify thoughts the way thinking does not. It has to do with internal dialogue. See, I talk with this other me and we take viewpoints to challenge each other. These conversations go much better, if the other me is given more space in the form of writing it down.

I thought about this last year, but did not commit to anything. I started writing about Godel, Escher, Bach and was hoping to keep writing. I will not defend myself as to why I did not write more, but I did not write as much as I hoped to, at least in the form of a public blog. I am going to try a new approach hoping I will write more - write something every week with realistic expectations.

What are these expectations?

  • I will be able to allocate at most 2 hours a day for 5days/week for writing
  • The subject matter does not have to be thoroughly investigated
  • Write, proof read and edit within 5 days
  • Keep improving in small steps

Why am I calling these “realistic”? Because last time I decided “I’ll write about GEB!” which translated into me reading and searching the Internet a lot. I also spent a lot of time improving the prose. No more, I say, be realistic and improve.

Keeping things short this time. I will be posting something soon!

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